The Best Ultrasonic Cleaner

Last updated: March 14, 2019

We've rounded up the best ultrasonic cleaners and tested them, looking at ease of use, features, look and feel, and pros and cons, and summarized our findings below.

Jump down to our ultrasonic cleaner buying guide if you want to know more about what to look out for when choosing.

Ultrasonic cleaner buying guide 2021

If you have a jewelry collection and want to keep it in perfect condition, an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner is a must-have. These devices clean jewelry from different kinds of dirt and stains like nothing else out there.

If you don't already own an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner, you've probably tried the manual alternative - washing and scrubbing. Aside from being inconvenient and time-consuming, the results aren't that good. You might even end up damaging your jewelry, which can be an expensive mistake.

Instead of going through this hassle, an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner restores your jewelry to its former glory without costing you a fortune. Most of these jewelry cleaners are surprisingly cheap which makes them an even better deal.


Generally speaking, ultrasonic jewelry cleaners are cheap. Most of the models that are currently available fall within the $20-$100 range. While not that expensive overall - especially when considering what they do - the price range is pretty wide.

Differences between different models such as the tank size and programs can drive the price up. The more features a cleaner has the more expensive it'll be. Before you start looking for that perfect ultrasonic jewelry cleaner, make sure you have a clear budget in mind.

This will make the selection and buying process much smoother and will help you get a model that's perfect for your needs without spending more than you have to.

Tank Size

The tank size is one of the most important things to consider when buying a new ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. The tank in those cleaner is where you place the jewelry and the water for the cleaning process to take place. It might seem trivial at first, however, a large tank is essential for people with lots of jewelry.

If you use an ultrasonic cleaner with a small tank for your large jewelry collection, you'll have to clean them over multiple sessions, which isn't convenient at all. A large tank allows you to clean everything at the same time, which can save you lots of time and the hassle of having to empty and refill the tank.


The power of an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner has a direct effect on the ultrasound frequencies it can produce. Since this ultrasound is pivotal for the cleaning process, the power is never to be underestimated in these devices.

The general rule when it comes to an ultrasonic jewelry cleaners' power is the more the better. If you get a high-power model, you can set the frequency so it's suitable to whatever it is that you're cleaning. You never know when you'll need this extra power so you know what they say, it's better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

If you can afford a high power model than you should definitely go for it. These devices can be used for cleaning things other than jewelry - like waterproof watches and blades, so it definitely can't hurt.

Simple Controls

Simple controls are something that you should be looking for in your new ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. The process is simple so there is no need to over-complicate things with controls that aren't easy to use.

Clearly-labelled buttons a screen that's easy to read are all you need for an intuitive experience with your new cleaner. Not only do simple controls make the ultrasonic jewelry cleaner easier to use, but it will also help you avoid any damage that could result from incorrect settings.

Water Heater

Warm water provides much better results when it comes to cleaning your jewelry. The combination of a good cleaner with ultrasonic waves and warm water seems to work wonders in bring pieces of jewelry back to life.

While you can simply heat the water that you add to any jewelry cleaners, some models can heat the water themselves, which saves you that extra step. Whether you want to heat the water yourself or let the heater do it for you is totally up to you. If you consider heating the water yourself before adding it to the cleaner to be inconvenient, you should get a model with a water heater.


Timers on an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner allow you to set the time for each cleaning session. The time should be determined based on the type of item that you're cleaning and how dirty it is.

Having a timer gives you the flexibility of setting the time as long or as short as you please. This is something that is particularly useful in more premium models as they are capable of running continuously for longer periods of time.

Which ultrasonic cleaner is best for me?

The best ultrasonic jewelry cleaner for making liposomal vitamin C

If you want to use your ultrasonic cleaner for the creation of liposomal vitamin C then the iSonic P4810 is the best choice. The device comes with a beaker and attachment especially for this use. iSonic have made a handy video that shows what you need to do:

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