The Best Milk Frother

Last updated: October 27, 2018

We've rounded up the best milk frothers available on the market and tested them.

Jump down to our milk frother buying guide if you want to know more about what to look out for when choosing.We've also added some frequently asked questions (and answers!).

Milk frother buying guide 2021

When it comes to making coffee at home, two things can stand in the way of recreating that perfect barrista made coffee. Firstly, cold milk will lower the temperature of your drink as soon as you add it, and secondly, if you're making yourself a cappuccino, you're not going to be able to froth your milk. This is where a milk frother steps in, as most models can solve these two problems for you.

Types of milk frother

Milk frothers come in two types - handheld, usually battery powered, and countertop models that plug into your mains electricity.


Handheld models are effectively tiny whisks that you place into your milk and hold while they froth the milk up. Handheld models cannot heat milk, so you'll need to heat the milk manually (in a pan or the microwave). Most handheld models use 2xAA batteries for power.


Dualit milk frotherCountertop models usually have handles, making it easy to pour your froth or warm milk into your drink without any spills.

Most countertop models can heat your milk as well as froth it. You also wont need to purchase batteries for these models, as they are powered by your mains electricity. If you're going to use your milk frother regularly, we highly recommend a countertop model.


When purchasing an electric milk frother another important point to consider is capacity. If you're only intending to use the device to heat or froth milk for one drink at a time this wont matter, as all models can do this. But if you want to make multiple drinks at the same time, look out for models with a larger capacity.

Temperature control

Some models have the ability to set the heat you want your warmed milk to reach. If this is something you need you may need to pay a little extra for it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I froth almond milk in a milk frother?

Non-dairy milks often do not froth as well as dairy milks in a milk frother. Results will vary based on the type of milk and the milk frother itself. Soy milk tends to froth reasonably well, almond milk will froth a little, and coconut milk generally wont froth well.

How do I clean my milk frother?

Most countertop milk frothers have a detachable jug, that can usually be dishwashed. If washing by hand, wash the jug in the sink with hot water and detergent. The base of the unit can be cleaned with a wet sponge. Handheld milk frothers must be washed by hand, and be sure to not get the battery compartment wet.

How long does a milk frother take?

Most milk frothers take around 75-90 seconds to froth milk, and 120-150 seconds to heat milk. If your milk frother has a temperature control, heating milk to a lower temperature will decrease the time needed.

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