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Last updated: May 20, 2019

We've rounded up the best foot massagers available on the market and tested them.

Jump down to our foot massager buying guide if you want to know more about what to look out for when choosing.We've also added some frequently asked questions (and answers!).

Foot massager buying guide 2023

Your feet are more sophisticated than you think. With 26 bones, 33 joints and more than 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments, feet require special care. That's why a good foot massager is such a useful thing to have around the house.

Instead of having to pay for a decent foot massage, you can have a foot massager at home and get a soothing foot massage whenever you feel like it. All you have to do is place your feet in the machine, adjust the setting to your liking and it'll start, giving you that massage you've been thinking about all day.

In addition to making you feel really good, a good foot massager can help you avoid lots of unwanted problems related to your feet and is a good way to relieve stress.

How do foot massagers work?

If you've never used a foot massager before, you're probably wondering how it works. Aside from satisfying your curiosity, knowing how these machines work will help you make the most out of them and allow you to find the best model for you.

When it comes to the underlying working principles of foot massagers, they can vary greatly depending on the model. The more high-end a model is, the better - and more sophisticated - the techniques it uses to make you feel relaxed.

Generally speaking, foot massagers use vibrations and heat to give you that foot massage. How and which of these methods is used though, is what makes the difference.

What makes foot massagers worth it?

Asides from the obvious soothing feeling that's associated with having a foot massage, there are more benefits to foot massagers than meets the eye. Having frequent foot massages can prevent things like ankle injuries as they improve the feet's blood circulation.

Another thing that makes foot massagers a good investment is the long-term effect they have on overall psychological health. By relieving stress and helping you relax, you're less likely to experience mental health issues that are associated with too much stress.

Getting the foot massager that's right for you

Now that you know what makes foot massagers worth having and the benefits that are associated with using them, you're probably wondering how to pick the right one. With so many different models available on the market, that's a question that you should definitely be asking.

There are many factors that affect how a foot massager is a good match for your needs. The following are points that you should consider to end up with the right model.

Your budget

How much you're willing to pay for your new foot massager is something that you need to be clear about from the very beginning. When you start looking at the available foot massager models, you'll notice that their prices can vary significantly.

Like most things in life, the more expensive models are usually better. The questions is how much can you afford. By making this clear at the beginning of your search, you'll be able to jump directly to the models that you could actually end up buying.

If you don't do that, you'll find yourself faced with lots of options when you don't really need to. If you're not willing to pay $300 for a new foot massager, you shouldn't be wasting your time looking at similar models.

It goes without saying that if you can afford the more expensive models, you should definitely buy one of those.

Ease of use

Generally speaking, foot massagers are pretty easy to use. There is nothing really that complicated about them. However, if you plan on buying a foot massager with plenty of options, you should get one with easy-to-use controls.

If the model you buy isn't intuitive and has clear controls, adjusting the settings can be quite annoying, which is something that you'd better off avoid. After all, you're having this foot massage to relax and unwind, so having to think about it more than you should can ruin the overall experience.

Easy cleaning

As you already know, a foot massager is something that's in contact with your feet for prolonged periods of time quite often. Unless you want your massager to start to smell, you'll need to clean it every now and then.

This is something that you'll probably not think about when you're choosing a model - especially if this is your first foot massager - when you really should be. Getting a model that's easy to clean makes the cleaning process as simple as possible.

If not designed with easy cleaning in mind, cleaning your foot massager can be unnecessarily difficult and can deter you from using the massager at all.


Portability is something that can strongly affect your experience with your new foot massager. As you typically need to move them around from one room to the other, having a model that's heavy and not portable friendly can make the process annoying.

If you know you'll be moving the foot massager frequently, getting one that's lightweight and portable is a decision that you'll never regret. Another thing that makes a model easier to move around is the carry handle. Having one of these on your foot massager makes it much easier to move around.

Some of the bulkier models have more features that are really great to have. The right balance between portability and features is something that only you can decide.

Remote control

Not having a remote control is a deal breaker for many people who are looking for a new foot massager. At first, having a remote for a foot massager might not sound that important. It's not like you sit really far away from the massager.

The problem with models that don't have a remote is that you have to bend down every time you want to adjust any of the settings. Despite seeming like a minor thing, this can be frustrating, especially if you like to adjust the settings multiple times during a massage session.

Instead of sitting back and enjoying your massage exactly the way you like it, you'll have to move out of that comfort every time you need to adjust something, which makes the remote a convenient thing to have.

Heating function

Heating is a feature that can usually be found in high-quality foot massagers. As the therapeutic benefits of a foot massage are increased with heat, some models have a heating function to heat up your feet while massaging them.

To avoid causing any heat-related injuries, foot massagers with heating function increase the temperature gradually throughout the massage session to give you a relaxing experience without being inconveniently hot.

If you want to make the most out of your massage sessions, this is a feature that you should look for in your new massager.

Maximum supported feet size

If you have a large pair of feet, the maximum supported feet size by the foot massager that you're buying is something that you have to pay close attention to. Most foot massagers out there support feet up to size 11. This is the average for foot massagers.

If your feet are bigger than this and you end up with a model that doesn't support it, you'll have problems with using the massager or might not even be able to use it at all. Before you buy a foot massager, check the supported foot sizes to make sure it's suitable for you.

Adjustable intensity levels

The perfect massage isn't the same for everyone. What might seem like the perfect massage intensity for you can be too intense for someone else, and the opposite is true. That's why it's useful to have adjustable intensity levels on your foot massager.

Being able to adjust the intensity with which the device is massaging your foot allows you to get the perfect foot massage every time. If the foot massager is being shared with other family members, this is an even more useful thing to have.


For a device with lots of mechanical parts like a foot massager, a good warranty is a must. You might be lured by cheaper models that offer low warranty. However, the few bucks that you'll save with such purchase are not worth the risk. Having a foot massager that stops working after a few days of use is definitely not a good thing.

Most decent foot massagers have a warranty period that ranges between 12 and 24 months. It goes without saying that the longer the warranty period is the better. When choosing your foot massager, a long warranty is something that you should always be looking for.

Cushioning material

Most foot massagers have a cushioned surface to provide maximum comfort during a massage session. The materials that are used for the cushioning is usually either gel-injected foam or some kind of plastic.

Before you buy a foot massager, you should make sure that the cushioning material is comfortable for you. No matter how good a foot massager is, the experience is much better with the right cushioning material.

Which foot massager is best for me?

The best overall foot massager

If you're looking for the best, the Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager is our overall top scoring foot massager you can buy. If you just want the best, get this.

The best value foot massager

We recommend the Nekteck Foot Massager for those on a budget. The combination of essential features at a low price point means this is the one to get if you don't want to spend too much.

The best high end foot massager

The MedMassager MMF06 11 Speed Foot Massager is the best high end foot massager available on the market today. It comes with features not found on other models, but at a price point to match.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often can I use my foot massager?

As much as you please. Some people use their foot massagers up to two to three times per day and haven't reported any problems. As long as it feels comfortable, you can continue using the massager.

Are there any medical conditions that prevent me from using a foot massager?

Generally speaking, foot massagers are safe for everyone. However, if you have any kind of serious chronic disease, you should consult with your prior to using a foot massager. We can't really state what these diseases are as doctors need to evaluate each case separately, so a professional opinion is needed here.

Do foot massagers require any kind of special skills to operate?

No. The machine does all the work so you don't need to know anything about massaging techniques. All you have to do is place your feet in the machine, adjust the settings - if needed - and it'll take care of the rest. You just need to know how to operate the machine itself though. In case of well designed model that are intuitive to use, this won't be a problem either.

Can I share my foot massager with other family members?

Yes. However, proper sanitary measures should be taken into consideration when doing this. Before using the machine, make sure your feet are clean and the same applies for all family members who share the same machine.

How long should a foot massage session be?

Again, this is something that depends on your personal preference. There is no golden rule to follow when it comes to a foot massage's duration. In most cases, the average session duration is about 30 minutes. If you use the machine for longer or shorter sessions than this, it's totally fine.

Can a foot massager help with plantar fasciitis?

Yes. Foot massagers can help with that as they stimulate the blood flow in your feet. Despite being effective in relieving plantar fasciitis related pain, you might need to consult with your doctor in some severe cases.

Does a foot massager help alleviate swollen feet?

Yes. Foot massagers do help alleviate swollen feet. However, the reason behind the swelling is something that has to be taken into consideration. Severe swelling should be taken seriously and medical attention might be needed.

What are the health benefits of using a foot massager?

There are many benefits that are associated with using a foot massager. Asides from the obvious benefits of rejuvenating your feet, foot massagers can help you relax. On the long-term, being able to relax can help you avoid mental conditions that are related to prolonged stress.

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